V.B.A. Doc Prep

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V.B.A. Doc Prep - The Lawyers Assistant. We prepare bankruptcy petitions in all 50 states. By assisting an attorney we can be the solution to help increase business by at least 46%, and save at least 7 hours of office time.

Being in business today means watching your costs and still be able to provide a quality service. V.B.A. Doc Prep is your solution. We can assist an attorney in preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions, while the attorney focuses on more ways to grow the business.

We save at least 7 hours of office time so other staff members can focus on the tasks to keep the office running smoothly. No more distractions taking away from filling a petition for bankruptcy. By having V.B.A. Doc Prep as a partner with your law firm, we can allow your staff to do more productive work in a day.

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"V.B.A. Doc Prep takes care of the everyday tasks which allows you more time to grow and expand your law firm."

  • Reduced client calls
  • Save up to 7 hours of office time
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Spend more time on building your business
  • Quality petition preparation
  • No hidden costs

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